What is NMT?
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'Dr. Larson, I've worked with so many other specialists and not achieved the results I'd hoped for. How are you different? Do you think you can help?'

        It can be discouraging when you are on a journey to better health, and feel like your obstacles are too much to overcome. Without wanting to discredit the genuine care and concern your other health care practitioners have had to help you, there can still be limitations based on the model of healthcare each practitioner offers. As a chiropractor, Dr. Larson's tool sets vary from traditional medical models, but his approach is also different from traditional chiropractors as well.
        ProActive Chiropractic is a wellness clinic that focuses on optimizing health via a combination of customized and very specific, low force adjusting, nutrition, and NMT. With this unique care program, Dr. Larson can help address a myriad of health challenges and offers care that is very effective and more comprehensive than traditional chiropractic care alone.


Your appointment with Dr. Larson  will not be a "rush-rush" process. He takes the time necessary to address each patient's individual concerns and develop a treatment protocol for that session based on those findings.

        Come to ProActive Chiropractic with questions, concerns and goals for care, and Dr. Larson will work with you to help you on your Journey. Whether you feel like a seasoned veteran to health challenges or like a rookie experiencing your first bump in life, or if you are someone wanting to prevent problems from arising, Dr. Larson's approach to healthcare may be just what you need. All stages of the health Journey are welcome at ProActive Chiropractic.

NeuroModulation Technique (NMT)

         Often life's experiences introduce traumas, sensitivities, and other forms of default programming that are not ideal for optimal health, putting us on the "wrong track" for health, comfort and longevity.. NMT can help interrupt the body's acquired faulty messages and is a tool that can help you "change tracks" on your health journey by restoring the body's innate capacity to heal.
More information can be found under the "What is NMT" tab.

  • Acute and chronic conditions
  • Food and seasonal allergies
  • Spinal and disc related issues
  • Endocrine disorders (hormones)
  • Pain
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Auto-immune conditions
  • .... and more


        Because there are more than 200 bones in the human body creating many joints, there are many locations for misalignments. These misalignments happen from emotional stress, chemicals, poor posture, trauma and/or repetitive physical stress to the joints. The most common symptoms are pain, reduced range of motion and inflammation. However, because the joints, especially along the spine, directly and indirectly affect the nerves of the nervous system, misalignments can also cause problems with your organs and systems of the body leading to many different conditions and poor health. Chiropractic adjustments mobilize and realign the joints to help relieve symptoms and allow the body to function properly.

Spinal Decompression

                   For treatment of herniated, bulging or degenerative discs, the use of spinal decompression has been shown to be very efficacious. Often patients are able to avoid surgery. Dr. Larson's innovative decompression therapy combines traction and vibration to improve healing and pain management. Dr. Larson's patients have reported shorter healing times under his decompression care as compared to other methods of treatment.                

Muscle Work / Trigger Point Therapy

                Dr. Larson is trained in multiple adjusting techniques, but specializes in low force adjusting and Soft tissue work (muscle trigger point therapy) to make it comfortable for even those who don't want "the pop". Many patients find this muscle work to be Dr. Larson's most distinguishing characteristic, because he takes this extra time to treat both the joints and the soft tissues surrounding them to decrease pain and improve overall results. His particular trigger-point technique employs a physiological "distraction" method that helps alleviate the discomfort often associated with myofascial release procedures.                

Nutrition and Purification

        The foods you eat are the fuel your body runs on. Unfortunately, a byproduct of living in today's world is that many of our foods are processed and modified in ways that can have a negative impact on our health. It can sometimes help to purify your diet and "take a break" from those foods that cause inflammatory responses in the body. This often results in weight loss, increased energy, and alleviation of other symptoms that may be affecting you by removing toxins that are built up in the body.

         When Dr. Larson determines that purification would benefit a patient, he may prescribe a 21 day purification program. This detox program is very regimented and provides the patient with optimal nutrition. When used in conjunction with detox wraps and NMT toxin removal pathways, it has a synergistic effect on the body.          

   Cellulite is a toxic body condition in the connective tissues below the skin that results in unsightly dimpling. It appears in areas of lesser blood flow such as the hips, buttocks, upper thighs, abdomen, knees and upper arms. It affects 8 out of 10 women and sometimes men. It is often confused with body fat, but they are different; even thin people can have cellulite.

   The Solutions 4 Body Contour Wrap uses a vitamin & herbal formula, which addresses cellulite presence by increasing blood and lymph flow to the problem areas- essentially flushing them out. Inch loss is seen immediately and is permanent as long as diet and lifestyle don't reintroduce toxins back into the body. 
  This is NOT a water loss wrap. It is extremely relaxing with no sweating involved. It is also NOT a multi-level marketing product. It is only available to trained professionals for professional use.

Lose 4 - 14 inches (average) with a Solutions 4 Body Contour Wrap.

     We are exposed to many different toxins and chemicals from our lifestyles and the environment that can lead to many health problems- ranging from minor to severe. Ionic Detox Footbaths have been found to help remove heavy metals, urea, creatinine, glucose and other toxins/waste products.

Detox footbaths are soothing and cleansing. Many patients feel a difference after just one footbath.

MicroSonic Infusion

  It is so relaxing many people find themselves drifting off to sleep. As determined necessary, Dr. Larson can treat muscles with this adjunct therapy, or patients can opt to have a facial to firm up and improve skin. Turn back the clock on aging. You will achieve overall improved skin quality and a natural, youthful appearance to the face with the advanced technology you attain from our Beautiful Image Micro Sonic Infusion System. The procedure truly puts the "TREAT" in treatment.

  • Revitalizes and tightens skin, making it softer, smoother and younger looking
  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Pore size is improved along with textural irregularities caused by acne, eczema, melasma, rosacea and more
  • Increases skin elasticity and firms facial contour