What is NMT?
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There is a movement in contemporary society towards alternative healthcare treatments, inspired by the Eastern medical tradition; healing arts that are thousands of years old.

NMT is not an Ancient technique, but it works off the same principles used by healers in the Eastern world for centuries. In a world familiar with technology upgrades and software advancements, we like to consider NMT to be an up-graded, 21st century versionNeuroModulation Technique (NMT) is part of this expanding and greater accepted field of energetic medicine. It is better classified as "Informational  Medicine" because its focus is on reprogramming informational faults that have developed as a result of stresses, traumas or toxins experienced throughout a lifetime. NMT is not an ancient technique, but it works off the same principles used by healers in the Eastern world for centuries. In a world familiar with technology upgrades and software advancements, we like to consider NMT to be an up-graded, 21st century version.

You may be more familiar with energetic medicine than you think

Acupuncture, Acupressure, Applied Kinesiology, Biofeedback, and even Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi are all therapies that work through energetic means. If you've ever had a naturopath test vials or used a homeopathic remedy, you have experienced energetic medicine. Therapies such as Tapping, Body Talk, NET and computerized systems such as the BioMeridian or ZytoScan are also types of energetic medicine.

  • Did you know: A polygraph test (lie detector test) is actually a physical method to measure the body's energetic response.

The "Nuts and Bolts" of an NMT Session:

The time duration of an NMT session can vary from session to session, depending on the therapeutic pathways being addressed, but the average length is 1 hour. Your first visit will most likely take longer because it will be necessary to prioritize which pathways are of most benefit to you. Follow-up sessions are used to evaluate how well you have responded to the prior session and determine care priorities as you continue the therapeutic process.

You will be seated throughout the session in a specialized chair and rest your arm on a cushion so that you can be comfortable as Dr. Larson tests you.

An NMT session can be very relaxing. Although it is not encouraged, many patients have become so relaxed during their session that they fall asleep... If that should happen, Dr. Larson will have to wake you up to finish. ;)

NMT uses a unique form of dynamic muscle response testing (also known as dynamic MRT) as a guide through the session. The focus of the session will be to restore your body to proper programming.

Every bodily function originates as an instruction. Our DNA is basically a set of instructions or information that is relayed to our cells, and those instructions are responsible for performing specific functions. Our genetic heritage, life experiences, disease, toxins, traumas and aging can compromise the information running our cells and cause us to generate and regenerate incorrect information, leading to an unwell state. Be it pain, disease, trauma, toxins, allergies, or anything else that results from these information faults, NMT is a tool that can be used to help evaluate and restore optimum health.

Why NMT?

Dr. Larson has chosen to use the NMT method because he believes it to be the most comprehensive energetic model available. All models of energetic medicine work with pre-set rules, or metaphors, that define how that technique works. One of the strengths of NMT is that it is not limited by meridian points, vials, or computer software to test and get responses.

Dr. Les Feinberg explains, "While other methods of informational medicine are available, none offer the rational, scientific and carefully structured and thorough foundation that make NMT uniquely effective. The NMT practitioner uses special routines of questions and corrective training statements that are organized into therapeutic templates known as NMT clinical pathways. Each of these pathways is a window into a specific area of body function. Because the NMT system is exceptionally thorough, there are NMT clinical pathways available to address just about every type of health problem."

NMT at ProActive Chiropractic:

It has always been Dr. Larson’s philosophy to help patients be proactive about their health, which is why he selected “ProActive Chiropractic” as his practice name 12 years ago. His goal is to help patients become healthier and be proactive about maintaining their wellness. However, life is full of obstacles and challenges that create stress to mind, body and health. Because life is dynamic and ever-changing, NMT is a perfect fit to a chiropractic practice whose focus is on proactive health and wellness. Disease oriented methods of healthcare and diagnostic tests often necessitate that a patient’s health decline enough to cross a certain threshold before a test can register positive, but NMT can help the mind-body recognize and respond to health challenges as they arise, to help patients stay well, rather than struggling to regain health after it has deteriorated.

In Japanese culture, the cherry blossom is a symbol of how beautiful, but also how fragile and fleeting life can be. The springtime blossoms remind us all to pay attention to life and embrace it.

Dr. Larson's personal life experiences, education and philosophy have strengthened his belief that Life is Beautiful, but Fragile. He strongly believes that we should do what we can to enjoy it and take care of it.

More information on Dr. Larson's life experiences in the "Location & Doctor's Bio" section of the website

"The informational basis of illness and disease may be the most common, yet the most overlooked roadblock to healing. A good example of this is food allergy, where the immune system is so confused that the body damages itself by its misguided reaction to a food that it should see as beneficial nutrition. "            -Dr. Les Feinberg

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